Hannah De La Calle

Hannah sitting in front of some pitcher plants.

Position Title
Undergraduate Research Assistant


I am a third year undergraduate studying evolution, ecology, and biodiversity. This is my first year in Andrew Latimer’s lab assisting with cross-dating tree ring samples and georeferencing drone imagery. Although I have always been interested in plant ecology, in the past year I have discovered my love for forest & fire ecology. The tight interwoven connection of fire to California landscapes and indigenous tribes has sparked my interest in traditional fire knowledge and fueled my advocacy for cultural burns. In the future, I hope to research the long term benefits of reoccurring, periodic cultural burns on both forest and community health. I am also very interested in climate change adaptation and mitigation—in and out of the forest. Outside of the lab, I am an active leader in the UC Davis hub of the Sunrise Movement, a grass-roots youth climate activist movement advocating for the Green New Deal.